Information on personal data protection under art. 14 GDPR and communications under art. 15 to 22 GDPR

According to EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter “GDPR”) and the Italian Law (Legislative Decree 196/03 as amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018 ), please be informed that your data shall be processed by Anci Servizi s.r.l. a socio unico and by Assocalzaturifici Italiani, both with registered offices in Milano, Via Alberto Riva Villasanta n. 3.
Pursuant to GDPR, Anci Servizi s.r.l. a socio unico and Assocalzaturifici Italiani, according to art. 26 GDPR, are Joint Controllers; hereinafter we will refer to them only as “Controller”. For contacts it is possible to present yourself, by prior appointment, at the Controller offices, of by calling the following telephone number: +39 02 438291.
The DPO, Laura Marretta, is available at the e-mail address: She is also a point of contact for interested parties as per art. 26 GDPR.
The Controller informs the data subject that the personal data in its possession, data derived, as specified by recital 61 of GDPR, from various sources as on-line or paper catalogues on fairs, commercial partnerships, business cards, public directories, on-line researches, data obtained by the Controller considering the principle of finality in relation to the source from which the data derives, data not belonging to special categories under art. 9 GDPR, concerning the data subject (even if operating as individual undertaking, small enterprise or professional firm) or its employees, agents, representatives or collaborators (the “Data”), shall be processed according to the provisions of GDPR.
The data processing is carried out in accordance with the principles relating to the processing of personal data described in article 5 of the GDPR (principles of correctness, relevance, transparency, adequacy, protection of privacy and rights, etc.) and in accordance with lawfulness conditions under art 6 GDPR. The relevant legal basis under art. 13 lett. (c) GDPR is grounded on the legitimate interest of the Controller under art. 6 lett. F, namely the carrying out of activities by the Controller to keep the data subject informed through newsletter and soft spam by email about its own initiatives related to the world of footwear and fashion broad spectrum, both communication which the data subject can take advantage of in performing its own work (it will be possible to oppose to it at any time following the instructions provided in the e-mail communications footer. To view the information relating specifically to our newsletter and to check if you wish to oppose or not to the data processing, we invite you to access – at the official website). In this perspective, Data processing included and shall include, among other things, management, organization, use, processing in EU and extra-EU territories (countries falling in the circumstances set forth by art. 45 and 46 GDPR), storage, creation of database and/or inclusion in CRM, as already said: communication of future initiatives, light marketing (it will be possible to oppose to it at any time sending an e-mail at DPO), elaboration, alteration, realization of statistics, use, destruction and alteration of the data as a result of the report of data subject, communication to the members of the Controller organizational structure, to institutional/commercial partners or to consultants related to the business activity who will be appointed as Processors in accordance to art. 28 GDPR.
The Data Controller will send you, only on the business email, communications to let you know the contents of MICAM DIGITAL SHOW, the Digital version of the trade show MICAM.
The communications will be sent twice a week and will concern the world of footwear in general and specifically will allow you to receive training communications, communications regarding the collections on the digital platform, the possibility to make purchases in B2B and connect with the brands.
The Data Controller, in accordance with art. 21 GDPR and recital 47 GDPR, by force of its legitimate interest (legal basis making lawful the processing pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 1 lett. f GDPR) balanced with the reasonable expectations and interests of the Buyer, your business category, will therefore send you the communications, also including commercial partnership initiatives, which will allow you to follow all the news regarding
footwear, fashion trends, editorial content of the sector in order to see all the previews
that the brands will show online on the platform, allowing you an increasingly in-depth,
extensive and updated knowledge of the footwear market.
It is understood that if you do not wish to receive such communications, you may object
at any time according to the simplified procedure that you will find in the footer of each
DEM, with the following text:

“If you not want to receive such newsletter please write to”.

Data processing is performed both with paper and electronic means by persons expressly authorized to process them. The Controller does not carry out any processing through automated decision-making process or profiling.
The Controller shall store the data in its own database and it shall use them according the purposes of the collection already performed, in reference to its legitimate interest under art. 6, para 1 lett. F GDPR to which you may oppose at any time sending an email to the following address: specifying as object “opposition legitimate interest”.
The data shall be stored for the time necessary to meet the purposes of the collection. Please be informed that the rights of access under art. 15 GDPR are guaranteed. Furthermore, the following rights are guaranteed:
• to ask the Controller the access to personal data, the rectification or the erasure of the latter, or the limitation of the processing related to them;
• to object to processing;
• to data portability;
• should be Data processing based on art. 6, para. 1, lett. (a) GDPR or art. 9, para. 2, lett. (a) GDPR, to revoke the consent at any moment, without prejudice of lawfulness of data processing based on the previous consent;
• to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (in this case it’s recommended to consult the Data Protection Authority’s website);
• rights under art. 21, and also the right to object, for reasons related to the data subject specific situation, in every moment to the data processing for the pursuing of the legitimate interest of the Controller or of thirds, and the right to object in every moment to the data processing carried out for direct marketing purposes.
In order to exercise such rights (with the exception of the point 5) or require further information, please send an e-mail at our DPO at the following e-mail address:, specifying as object “exercise of rights under GDPR” and indicating in the e-mail which right is intended to exercise, as well as name, surname and e-mail address where you want to receive the response of the Controller. The Controller shall process the request and send the relevant reply within the timing according to art. 12 point 3 GDPR.
Please be informed that should the Controller decide to further carry out Data processing for purposes different from the one for which they were collected, it shall previously inform the Data subject with any relevant information, and any other further information under para 2, obtaining – where necessary – specific consent.